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Battery-Operated Products Containing Lithium Button Batteries

Please read: This notice contains important safety warnings and other safe usage information about the battery-operated products we stock here at Minimum World.

We urge you to read this notice carefully and ensure you understand it before purchasing or using any of our battery-operated products.

Our battery-operated lights are first and foremost a hobby product for adult miniaturists, designed to bring life and light to your dolls houses and 1:12 scale models.

They are not suitable for children under the age of 14 and any batteries, or products containing batteries, should be kept out of reach of children at all times



Our range of 1:12 scale battery light products for dolls houses contain 3v lithium coin cell batteries, also known as button batteries.

Which, if swallowed, it can lead to: severe chemical burns; perforation of soft tissue; and death. Please read the safety warnings about these products below.

  • Never put batteries in mouth. Swallowing can lead to severe chemical burns, perforation of soft tissue, and death. Severe burns can occur within 2 hours of ingestion.
  • Seek medical attention immediately if you suspect a battery has been swallowed
  • If batteries begin to leak or corrode, take steps to prevent skin or clothing coming into direct contact and handle with extreme care.
  • Risk of fire and burns – do not recharge, disassemble or incinerate batteries
  • Dispose of used batteries immediately and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


The Office for Product Safety and Standards (British Government) has produced a series of safety messages on how to keep children safe, please find their advice below:

  • Larger lithium ‘coin cell’ batteries (about the size of a five pence piece) are the most dangerous Smaller batteries can be inserted into places such as ears and noses, causing serious injuries for children if undetected.

  • Store spare batteries securely - Store spare button batteries securely and out of children’s reach. Be careful when opening multipacks of button batteries to ensure they do not fall on the floor
  • Know what products use button batteries
  • Ensure that you know what items in your home use button batteries and check that the button battery compartment is secure. Put products with unsecured button batteries out of children’s reach.

  • Educate older children about button batteries
  • Communicate with older children about the dangers of button batteries including why they should not play with them or give them to younger children.

  • Discard dead button batteries straightaway
  • Dead button batteries can still have enough power to badly hurt a small child. When you remove a button battery, store it securely, and recycle it properly and promptly.

  • Act promptly if you suspect a child has swallowed a button battery
  • If you think your child has swallowed a button battery, take them straight to the nearest A&E (EMERGENCY) department or call 999 (UK) for an ambulance.

    Take the battery packaging, or gadget if you can to help staff identify the battery. Symptoms may not be obvious. Your child might be coughing, gagging, or drooling, or pointing to their throat or tummy. Unclear or fluctuating symptoms mean it is important to be vigilant. Do not let your child eat or drink or make your child be sick.

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This Notice was last updated on 22nd April 2022

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