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Dolls House Battery Lights Guide

The introduction of battery powered LED dolls house lights has made lighting your dolls house so much quicker and easier:

  • No wiring!
  • No mess or redecoration!
  • Move lights from room to room whenever you wish!

Battery lights are individually controlled by a small switch on the base of the light so you can just turn on the ones you want to.
You no longer need to have trailing wires or have a power supply near your dolls house.
Most lights use one battery but those with three or more bulbs use 2 batteries.
Battery life varies slightly with each light but will usually give at least 50 hours of continuous light, sometimes a lot longer.
The LED bulbs come in white or amber (which gives a much warmer light).
The product description of each light will tell you which colour of bulb it has. The bulbs can't be replaced but should have a life of at least 2000 hours.


It is easy to attach battery lights to the walls or ceiling of your dolls house using a pair of slim magnetic discs which we sell separately LT7602. Simply glue one magnetic disc to the base of the light and the other to the wall or ceiling in the place where you wish the light to be. Just make sure that you stick the magnetic discs the right way up so they are attracting each other! Be sure to purchase a pair of magnets for every battery light you order and they are also very useful for hanging pictures too!

Moving the lights

If you wish to move the light to a different room or need to change the battery just slide the light to the left or right to separate the magnets. Don't pull the light away from the wall as this may dislodge the magnet on the wall and spoil your decoration. To change the battery just unscrew the light, remove the old battery and replace with a new one ensuring that you place it the same way up. We no longer sell spare batteries as they are not allowed on planes as loose items (they are accepted if they are in the light). However the batteries are readily available in hardware and DIY stores worldwide.

So now you just need to order your lights and magnets, fix the magnets in place and switch the lights on!